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The "King of the Hill Box"

The "King of the Hill Box" is a timed event where players will compete to maintain their position within the box (a green dome). Upon the completion of this event the winner will be rewarded with high tier items. There are numerous prompts seen in-game to indicate the location and time of the event, as detailed here:
In this image you can see the location (in this case, Seattle) and how long until the event begins, under "warmup begins".
This image depicts a kothbox in the warmup stage.
This last image shows the ui present once the event has begun, giving information (read top to bottom):
- "Rank", if this is #1 you will recieve the reward on the conclusion of the event
- "Your time", how long you've occupied the box - if this exceeds 5 minutes you will instantly win the event regardless of remaining time
- "Ends in", Describes how long until the event is over (provided nobody occupies the box for 5 minutes)
Here you can see what the box looks like once the event has begun.